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My favorite pictures of my boy...


Mishka with little Tiger.  I love when he would lick Tiger's face, and Tiger would have a cowlick sticking up on the middle of his forehead.  He'd walk around like that, and I KNOW Mishie was just laughing at him.  Silly Tiger. 


He crawled under all these stuffed animals himself.  He knew a good photo opportunity, didn't he?


Mishie and Daddy...Daddy will probably not like this picture online (we made him wear this chocolate mask so Daddy would be black like Mish).  He liked sitting with his little tummy sticking out though.  I wish I had more pictures of him like this...

This Christmas, with Tiger's mommy.


BUSTED!  Here's Mishka, encouraging Tiger to be usual. 


Sometimes Mishie had to hide from me to get a little rest...otherwise I'd hug him too much and bother him.  This was a good spot.  He also loved the laundry basket, especially right after coming home from the laundromat when the clothes were nice and warm and clean. 


Mishka, hard at work, doing what he did best...making Daddy's day difficult.  He broke both the computers this way...and he knew how to bite the keys off the keyboard.