In memory of my Mishka
Are you a victim of Veterinary Malpractice?
Mishka's Story
Are you a victim of Veterinary Malpractice?
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Maybe my research can help you...

Mishka should not be dead.  He should have had a routine test, been diagnosed, and come home with me healthy.  If you are reading this, chances are you have experienced similar, unneccesary grief.  I hope that we can help you by telling our story.  Maybe then it's not all for nothing...
Following are links to sites I've found useful and informational. 
(many of these sites cross-reference each other, but through these main sites you can find a LOT of information, more than I have been able to sift through.  These are the best of the group for links to more information, and appear to be among the 'organized' groups taking action to help our animals). 
Also, you can Google! 'veterinary malpractice', and a LOT of sites come up.  I just tried to help sift through them for you...
1.  Veterinary malpractice (or negligence, which in my mind is the same thing) seems to be very common.  The hardest decision to make is how to pursue your actions against the veterinarian in question.  This website explains the legal options very clearly.  They offer financial support in pursuing certain cases. 

Veterinary Malpractice is Common

2. The story of Mr. Fluffy, and a LOT of links to helpful sites.  I would post them all directly into this site, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes.  I do want to lead others to this information though...particularly a list of State Veterinary Liscensing Boards (one of the first places to file your complaint). 

Veterinary Malpractice

3.  Links, advice, and options on how to pursue your case.  Good suggestions on being pro-active in caring for your pet to AVOID veterinary malpractice. 

Toasty's Veterinary Malpractice Guide

4.  SO much information.  Links to news stories about veterinary malpractice, legal action on a grassroots level.  In the process of being updated, but a good resource. 

SAVE: Stop Abusive Vets Everywhere

Apologies if I anger anyone by linking them to this is all for a good cause, and your link is here because you have helped me in some way.  Please contact me if you have any comments or concerns.