In memory of my Mishka
Mishka's Story
Mishka's Story
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Mishka's Story...and the fight I'm beginning in his honor...

Mishie's Story:
My baby got sick on Tuesday night, February 11.  He just couldn't keep any food down.  We went to the vet on Wednesday and got sent home with special food. It didn't work. It just broke my heart to see him so ill...he was hiding under the bed, and even got sick in his favorite box (an empty computer box that he had claimed as his own...pity the fool that tried to get him out of that box...).  On Thursday afternoon we went back to normal x-rays and blood tests.  His vet suggested a Barium GI series (dye is put in a tube down the cat's throat to pass through his digestive system and be x-rayed). Our vet's office was closing, so she had us go to the emergency clinic, (CLINIC NAME TEMPORARILY REMOVED FOR LEGAL PURPOSES) for the test. The vet (NAME TEMPORARILY REMOVED FOR LEGAL PURPOSES) at the clinic was either inexperienced, or clueless, or out of practice or something I'd rather not say, and made a horrible mistake. Instead of putting the dye in his stomach, she put it into his lungs. Poor Mishie, she didn't even realize her mistake until the dye was coming out of his nose. There are precautions that should have been taken, tests that should have been done to ensure his safety, and they either were ignored or not done at all.  The damage was done.  He was put on oxygen, and I took him to an internal medicine specialist the next day. He went through surgery so they could try to flush the dye out of his lungs, had inhalers, special medecine shots, everything, but no one really believed that he could possibly survive. He did so much better than they thought he would...I really think the specialist didn't think he'd make it through his surgery...but he was so tough and wouldn't give up.  They said his x-rays showed a cat that should be dead, but looking at him, at how hard he was trying and how good he looked...that maybe he could make it.  Unfortunately, the x-rays proved themselves correct.  There was just too much barium in his lungs, it was too much for him to fight it off.  He tried as hard as he could, he was so brave, but it became too much for his poor little body on Saturday night, February 15th.

This woman killed my baby. She took the best thing in my life away from me. Her carelessness took my healthy 2 year old beautiful smart little man. I know that I am justified to be furious and miserable and disgusted and upset.  I know it won't take away the hurt I have, but I feel like she should fully realize what she has done.   I am going to try my hardest to make sure this vet cannot ever harm anyone else's Mishie. 

I am filing a complaint with the AVMA state liscensing board.  I am working with an attorney.  I am having anyone who can possibly help in this matter pursue it further.  If ANYONE is from San Francisco, and has had problems with this clinic, I strongly urge you to contact me and help with putting a watchful eye on this clinic and (NAME TEMPORARILY REMOVED FOR LEGAL PURPOSES).  If there is a record of continued wrongdoing, then something can be done to ensure that animals who are brought to this clinic, sick animals in need of help, get the care they deserve.  My Mishka did not get the help he needed...he was murdered.  Don't let this happen to anyone else, please, for Mishie.